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A simple and easy to use white-labeled solution that improves the customer experience, decreases customer churn and reduces claim management costs.
A WIN WIN for insurer and the customer.
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Easily White Labelled

MoneyLoop offers insurers the ability to lessen the financial stress on a customer, during the claims process, with interest-free and flexible payment plans.

Robust Proprietary Credit Decision

With our credit-decisioning engine we are able to accept any customer you send us. The score determines the risk and required discount to service the customer. This includes your customers who are eligible for financial hardship.

Flexible Repayment Structures

We understand that some customers will require more time to repay their excess. We offer flexible payment solutions ranging from 2 months up to 4 months, to ensure you are there for your customers when they need you most.

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MoneyLoop is here to help you service your customer when it matters most.

Interest-free finance


Flexible payment terms

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