Meet the Team: Marketing and Customer Experience, Rowan Gardoce

September 23, 2019

Next to join the team was someone who would be able to hit the ground running, was passionate about the customer and wanted to get involved in all aspects of the MoneyLoop business. Not only is Rowan a law and psychology student, she has a strong work ethic, can do attitude and some of her own personal goals to improve accessibility. 

Meet Rowan

I am a driven first year law and psychology student passionate about challenging the current norm to respond to the needs of the future. While my main areas of interest lie within the legal field and understanding how people work, my passion extends to technology, marketing and communications. As a young and enthusiastic student, my goal is to think beyond the present world, to utilise more than what is simply given to me and to exceed expectations – including my own.

When I’m lucky enough to find myself some free time, I watch movies on Netflix and dunk French madeleines in black tea with a dash of milk!

MoneyLoop has proven to be an innovative, forward-thinking company with great ambition and genuine intentions, which is the reason I was so excited to join their team! They are a bright group of intellectuals who combine their enthusiasm with strong work ethic to resolve the financial stress that is too often overlooked in emergency situations. To be part of such a passionate and driven team is a privilege for a curious young mind like mine. 

Interests in the startup space

The start-up industry is extremely vast, but what particularly catches my attention is the rise of legal startups, which seek to provide accessible legal services at a lower cost, combined with the convenience of technology. In doing so, they ensure that people can afford to be protected by the law whilst providing something different to what traditional firms have been doing for years. I think that innovations start small, but can change our lives.


What inspires me is seeing young thinkers work hard not for reputation or prestige, but for the simple human intention to do good for others. While it may seem very simple, good intentions too often fade into nothing as young people are inspired by the wrong representation of success, which should not be measured by money or assets, but by the impact you make on the community.


Rowan, we are very excited to have you as part of the team and working together to improve access to cash at the point of claim.